SEO and digital PR

There’s been a lot of noise around digital PR over the last few years. In fact, its relevance was recently sky-rocketed by Google’s very own Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller, on Twitter. Mueller commented that digital PR is as important, if not more important, than technical SEO in many cases.

Naturally, after years of hard work and driving digital PR to the position it’s currently in, lots of hard-working PRs were elated to read Mueller’s comment. The comment also left many SEO professionals who don’t focus on digital PR wondering what they could do to get on board with the strategy.

But exactly what is digital PR, how does it relate to SEO and how can it help your business? Let’s find out…

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is all about telling a brand story online and getting it noticed. It’s a strategy which takes traditional PR and combines it with lots of different elements of digital marketing such as SEO, content marketing, outreach and so on.

Aside from increasing brand awareness, creating positive stories about your brand and encouraging five-star product/service reviews, the aim is also to gain backlinks from high-quality websites/online publications – this is where digital PR crosses paths with SEO. A combination of all these things will influence your brand’s overall rankings and search visibility

Digital vs Traditional PR

Digital PR is very similar to traditional PR in lots of ways. For example, the overall goal is to create a positive story about your brand, raising brand awareness and potentially gaining you more customers. Where traditional PR usually focuses on print media, digital PR focuses mainly on – no surprises here – digital media, such as online news outlets, specialised blogging websites and so on.

Both digital and traditional PR require strong relationships with media contacts, ideation skills, seeding, content creation and so on. But digital PR sometimes takes things a step further. Rather than just positive stories, or using data to publicise key insight, many brands create free digital tools and actual products specifically for their digital PR campaign.

Benefits of digital PR for your business

Digital PR and SEO

As mentioned above, digital PR takes traditional PR and ties it together with various other elements of your digital marketing strategy.  The benefits of digital PR come in lots of different shapes and sizes, one of which is improving your SEO performance via high quality backlinks. This will, in time, signal the relevancy of your website to Google; helping your search engine visibility, improving your keyword rankings and could even increase domain authority (DA). It can also assist with PPC campaigns by helping to increase overall value.

Digital PR and your brand

Digital PR will also help increase your brand authority and trust. This is due to the publication of positive stories that will engage and delight your target audience. It can also help to grow your website traffic, produce leads and then go on to generate sales for your business – all through the power of story-telling.

Needless to say, digital PR requires a combination of lots of different skills. From content writing, to ideation; to outreach and building relationships with media contacts. That’s why businesses usually rely on a team of people in the shape of a digital agency to undertake digital PR projects for them.

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