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70% of consumers prefer to hear about a business via content, rather than an ad.

Over the past decade, brands have invested heavily in digital advertising; PPC, SEO and Social Media to name but a few. As ads on these channels become more and more familiar to savvy consumers, new online marketing mediums have arisen; this includes Sponsored Content, otherwise known as Branded Content or Native Advertising.

Ads that don’t look like ads; telling a story before any product or service is pitched. More engaging and informative, Sponsored Content is non-invasive and captivates your audience in a more authentic way. The shareability of such content means the organic reach is unparalleled, with each prospect typically being engaged for more than a minute, versus an average of 1.6 seconds for a typical online ad.

Engaging, shareable and trustworthy to your customers; start your Sponsored Content campaign now. Get in touch today.

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    Access to people who have expertise in all areas of paid media
    An agency that works with you, not for you
    Two dedicated senior contacts available via phone or email
    Audience and competitor research
    Full account build or audit and enhancement of existing account
    Content copy writing and creation
    Daily account checks
    24/7 reporting dashboard and detailed report with both weekly and monthly reminders
    End to end tracking
    No limit on the time we spend on your account each month
    Manual optimisation – we don’t leave it to the bots!
    Feedback, suggestions and as much advice as we can provide!

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