Television Advertising

TV advertising is as strong as ever; building trust,
encouraging confidence and reinforcing the credibility of your brand.

The Facts:

Reach - 94% of people have a TV at home, compared to 77% of people who have a smart phone

Popularity – on any given day, adults spend 2.5 times more time with TV than all of the social media channels combined

Resilience – TV viewing is steady throughout a decade of innovation and different stages of life

Complementarity – the conversion rate of people reached on both TV and Facebook is 5 times higher than people reached on Facebook alone

Impact – TV is the most trusted and impactful form of advertising

Emotions – 58% find that TV advertising makes them feel more emotional than any other form of advertising

Effectiveness – advertisers invest in TV advertising because it pays back

The numbers speak for themselves; TV advertising is powerful. Click Clique are media buying specialists providing a fully wrapped service for either existing TV advertisers or brand-new advertisers looking to try TV for the first time. Whichever you are, get in touch with us today.

What does working with Click Clique involve?

We work with you, Not for you

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    Access to people who have expertise in all areas of media planning & buying
    An agency that works with you, not for you
    Two dedicated senior contacts available via phone or email
    Bespoke media planning with the TV house to suit your audience
    More than one strategic plan for you to choose from
    Independant of agency deals so that we purchase the right media for you every time
    Weekly schedule updates
    24/7 tracking dashboard with weekly reminder
    Video production services if your ad hasn’t been created yet
    No limit on the time we spend on your campaign each month
    ClearCast approval process management and responsibility
    Feedback, suggestions and as much advice as we can provide!

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